Ikea suck

Mar 24, 2014 . IKEA sucks. Adult Investment #1 – I bought a bed. So with the final signing of my job contract came the irrefutable fact that I am officially staying . Jan 30, 2015 . Another day, another round of complaints about the FML experience that is assembling IKEA furniture. Luckily, our frustration is understood far . Aug 20, 2008 . IKEA is a place that you assume even the smallest trip, will take a. IKEA JUST PLAIN SUCKS!!! skip it all together.. the merchandise is not . Feb 17, 2008 . As far as a bed goes, ikea mattresses suck. They are smaller than most standard mattresses of the same claimed size category (ie, their queen . Apr 12, 2011 . IKEA sucks. By Michael J.W. Stickings. I used to shop there, I admit, back in my grad school days. But at some point you come to realize that it's . May 16, 2013 . This past Monday, just two days ago, was exactly 22 months since Don's sudden death. For most of this time, I have coped with my . Sep 28, 2015 . Folks have been fantasizing for years about the possibility of an Ikea-savvy robot. If Ikea uses robots to flat pack its furniture, surely we humans . Sep 30, 2015 . If you can't assemble IKEA furniture without wanting to insert a table leg in a plate glass window, don't worry—you're in good company. Robots .

Jul 17, 2006 . my favorite part is when the swedes make angry comments.

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Jul 17, 2006 . my favorite part is when the swedes make angry comments.

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